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CANADIAN WIND HOME - wind turbines, solar panels, alternators, generators, permanent magnets, coils, copper wires, wind energy theory.

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Full Service Turnkey Vending Machine Route for sale

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Responsible Energy Corporation

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Solar and Wind Powered Houses
14 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 516 m2
10 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 490 m2
10 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 460 m2
10 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 455 m2
10 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 424 m2
10 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 336 m2
7 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 280 m2
7 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 275 m2
7 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 261 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 260 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 253 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 225 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 180 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 170 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 169 m2
5 kW Solar and Wind Powered Wooden House Kit 161 m2

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Wind Turbines for sale

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Wind Turbines for sale

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Electric bikes, ebicycles, electrical bicycles for sale.

e-Bicycle Conversion Kits
1000Watt Hi Speed Electric Bicycle Hub Conversion Kit

LiFePO4 Battery for e-Bicycles
LiFePO4 Batteries for e-Bicycles

LiFePO4 Batteries for e-Bicycles

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Solar Powered Electric Motorized Boat

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PowerBatt Canada

PowerBatt Canada
The World's best battery restoration PowerBatt products are able to restore lost battery performance up to a like-new level. The second life of the battery and reuse allows you to save a lot of money.
NuAmp Technology is the official supplier of the PowerBatt battery life extender in Canada.
As the official supplier of the PowerBatt battery life extender in Canada we offer the total care approach to your DC energy source or DC power-back storage.

Eco Friendly Technology!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Snow Winter Tires for Passenger Cars, SUV and Trucks
Men's steel toe safety boots, safety shoes
Women's safety boots, steel toe safety shoes

NdFeB Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator video - part 1, part 1.01, part 1.02

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EV Conversion Kits - High Performance 24-120V DC Motor Systems for Electric Vehicle (EV) conversions.

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Help yourself - "Warm Your Home" new project - Solar Hot Water Heaters. What's a good idea!
The power of the Sun is huge, and Solar Hot Water Heaters that convert Sun Energy into Hot Water, that is an application we can use more.
Remember how to get into the car which stands under the sun on a parking lot? Yes, it is very hot! Same effect we observe in the heating tubes involved in solar hot water heating systems.
Solar heating system are usually based on simple heating of the water directly. The tubes absorb the heat and keep it inside. Because of the thermos abilities of the regular air inside them. Click here...

Solar and Wind Powered Houses for Sale.

516 m2

490 m2

460 m2

455 m2

424 m2

336 m2

280 m2

275 m2

261 m2

260 m2

253 m2

225 m2

180 m2

170 m2

169 m2

Timber in the region of Archangelsk is famous for its good quality. The best and most durable timber comes from the White Sea area close to the Arctic Sea. The severe climate of this area makes this timber material unique. The timber that grows in a warm climate, far from the White Sea, is friable. The internationally famous White Sea timber from Archangelsk is solid, dense, and durable.

Canadian and Norwegian Cutting Methods
Our Company builds log homes by manual cutting. Beside the traditional “Russian corners”, we assemble the homes by the method of “Norwegian lock” and “Canadian bowl”. These log assembling methods are very sophisticated and comply with Canadian and Norwegian technologic instructions. You can evaluate the quality of our constructions by seeing our pictures, visiting our manufacturing plant or our office in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to the enhanced assembling technology, the corner of a trapezoid “bowl” dries out and gets stuck firmly, assuring durability of connected logs assembled according to every kind of cutting.

Fire safety
We use fire safe and environmentally friendly coating of a new generation. This material has the following unique qualities:

    • High level of fire safety;
    • High level of protection against fungi and mould;
    • High level of protection against woodworms and wood borer beetles;
    • Water resistance that makes log homes durable in a rainy environment;
    • High resistance against acid rains.

After home assemblage and before roofing, an acid rainfall affects the timber and changes its colour to gray. The coating provides a high level of protection against discoloration of the wood by ultraviolet sun rays. Frost resistance and efficiency of the coating allow its use under low temperatures (up to minus 30 C). Agent compounds are wood friendly and contain alkalis, salts, and chloride. It is ecologically safe and passed the health service test and was certified for safety, and can be used both inside and outside of homes and saunas.

The coating reduces cracking of the logs during drying out and settling of the log home thanks to even distribution of moisture inside of the logs, prevents the outer layer of the log from extreme dryness. It has a beautiful saturated amber colour. The outer side of the log home can be painted with decorative lacquers. The lacquer layer depends on the wood density and can be thick up to 5 mm.

The Sphagnum Moss, a Wonderful Material, Created by Mother Nature
The sphagnum moss grows in marshy, peat bog areas often beside cranberries. The size of the moss is between 5 and 30 cm, and it does not decay. It is recommended to place a fresh moss between logs while building a log home. It creates natural ventilation between log slots and maintains a pleasant microclimate and traps the warmth inside.
The sphagnum moss is a wonderful durable insulation material that has a pleasant smell when being used between logs. This moss contains sphagnol, a substance that prevents wood from decay process and kills any bacteria. That’s why all objects dropped into a sphagnum peat bog get well preserved for many centuries. During the World War I and II, Russian soldiers used moss to cure their wounds.
This moss is used for indoor plants. The moss like sand has no nutrition value, but it makes the soil loose, light, and hydroscopic. That helps tender plant roots penetrate the soil deeper and stay there firmly. The sphagnum moss absorbs easily moisture, is able to keep more water inside than its volume and moistures that way evenly the soil. The sphagnum moss is also an efficient remedy to cure the root system of the indoor plants, for it contains the sphagnol substance. It is also a bactericide preventing roots from decay. It is also used for growing young leaves and inoculation of saplings. The moss affects positively the growth of flowers that are sensitive to dehydration. The sphagnum moss is a perfect agent for strengthening of leave grafts. In the past, the moss was traditionally used as an excellent insulator to keep warmth inside of homes. However, not every kind of moss can be used for log homes. Our Company collects the moss in the Archangelsk area, an environmentally friendly place in Russia.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Today there are three forms of commercially available solar cells - monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film. Each of these technologies has its benefits and demonstrated strengths. Due to their higher efficiency and longer useful life monocrystalline cells have been the technology most favoured by industry, however, the trend and future seems to lie with thin-film which typically has demonstrated lower cost per watt, cell efficiencies and life expectancy.

Wind energy systems.

The wind is a renewable energy source, continuously generated or replenished by the forces of nature. Renewable energy technologies, such as wind energy systems and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which use sunlight, convert renewable resources into usable forms of energy that can complement or replace conventional energy sources.
Wind is very complex process, which can be described very simply. The sun heats the earth at different rates depending on weather an area is below clouds, in direct sunlight, or covered with water. The air above the warmer areas heats up, becomes less dense, and rises. The rising air creates a low-pressure area. Cooler air from adjacent higher-pressure areas moves to the low-pressure areas. This air movement is wind.

The assembly of a wind turbine in front of the Field Museum near Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

Designed and manufactured by Li-ion battery experts at Tenergy Corporation, the battery packs and modules offered here are pre-wired and configurated with protective circuit board (PCB). These battery packs are ideal for use right away or for making battery packs by connecting them in parallel or in serial for higher capacity or voltage.
Better performance in driving electronics and huge money saving are the two major reasons to buy NiMH (Nickel metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries. They can be charged up to 500-1000 times and last longer than alkaline or NiCd batteries.
We are offering a wide selection of Tenergy Brand high capacity NiCd rechargeable batteries. We provide these batteries to you at great saving opportunities. The volume discount tables listed in each cell.
Extraordinary Long Cycle Life -Best can up to 2000 cycle life, would be over 8 times life of Lead Acid and 3-4 times of Li-ion. Wide working temperature range —From -4 F to 150 F (-20 C–+70C) Extremely cold and extremely hot weather will not effect its performance. Flexible Form Factor - Small in size and light in weight 1/3 weight of Lead Acid and 65% weight of NIMH. No memory effect.

We are offering a rich selection of chargers for rechargeable batteries and packs. Categorized below are chargers for NIMH and NICD single cells (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V); NIMH and NICD battery packs (2.4V to 60V); Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries and packs; and RCR123A batteries. Please selected the category to choose the right chargers for you.

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Perpetual Mechanics - check it now

Physics: Professor Walter Lewin - Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Vibrations and Waves

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Solar Chargers
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Provincial Climate Change Targets and Plans
Canada’s provinces and territories have developed an ambitious array of plans, programs and other initiatives that will go beyond those supported by the Trust Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change and other federal-provincial funding agreements to reduce significantly the overall greenhouse gas emissions within their respective jurisdictions.
• In the British Columbia 2007 Speech from the Throne, the B.C. Government announced its intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33% below current levels by 2020, which would place its emissions 10% under 1990 levels. The B.C. Government has also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas sector to 2000 levels by 2016.
• Alberta's 2002 Plan, Albertans and Climate Change: Taking Action, established a target to reduce emissions intensity by 50% below 1990 levels by 2020. Starting July 1, 2007 Alberta facilities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year will be required to reduce their emissions intensity by 12 % under the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act.
• In June 2007, Saskatchewan released its Saskatchewan Energy and Climate Change Plan with goals of: stabilizing the level of greenhouse gas emissions by 2010; reducing emissions to 32% below current (2004) levels by 2020; and reducing emissions by 80% from current levels by 2050.
• Manitoba’s climate change plan entitled "Kyoto and Beyond" released in October 2002 calls for emissions reductions of 18% from 1990 levels by 2010 and as much as 23% by 2012.
• In June 2007, Ontario announced its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% below 1990 levels by 2014, 15% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.
• Quebec’s 2006 climate change plan entitled Quebec and Climate Change – A Challenge for the Future outlines actions that are intended to produce greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 1.5% below 1990 levels by 2012. Quebec’s overall goal is to achieve the Kyoto Protocol target of 6% below 1990 levels by 2012 through the actions in the 2006 plan combined with those derived from federal funding.
• In March 2007, Nova Scotia introduced an Act Respecting Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity with the mid-term objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 10% below 1990 levels by 2020.
• In June 2007, New Brunswick released its Climate Change Action Plan which seeks to deliver a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2012 with mid-term target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10% below 1990 levels by 2020.
• The Northwest Territories has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations by 10% below 2001 levels by the year 2011. It also encourages all other sectors to develop their own emissions management plans and targets.
• Newfoundland and Labrador has not yet released a climate change strategy, although it has stated a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5 Mt annually.
• To date, Prince Edward Island, Yukon and Nunavut have not set recent greenhouse gas reduction targets.

A Climate Change Plan for the Purposes of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act Click here for more details

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